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4 September 2017

Dear NZ Dance subscribers

I am having problems with email at present due to issues with the mailing list package provided by my ISP.
I pay to use the service but they provide only basic support for it, and some recent change on one of their
servers with which the package interacts is preventing me from sending any messages.

The upcoming dance event listings are found HERE and recent reviews are found HERE.

Their unwillingness to to find and fix the source of the problem means I am unable to provide a service which
is free to receipients beyond the 2 messages a day or 12 a month allowed by MailChimp, which is of course
entirely inadequate.

I cannot see anyway to continue providing a free service. My options are either to charge a small annual fee
of around $10/year, or cease altogether. I am exploring the options at present

A small reminder -- this is a text only notification service - I cannot send attachments or embed graphics.

However, I can direct people to an existing webpage, which will appear in the browser window --
such as your latest enews. For this you need to provide me with the web address of the page in question.

This service is entirely voluntary, and is under review. If anybody has a bright idea about a possible sponsor,
or would like to take my place and keep this going, please get in contact !

- Raewyn Whyte

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