NZDanceNews no longer exists

Yes, this used to be a site about the New Zealand dance industry - with links and listings.
However, they have all been removed. if you need dance information go to

FYI - here's an explanation

23 December 2017

This is the final NZ Dance News mailout.

The service has been running since 1998, providing the NZ dance industry with a free national announcement-by-email service on a daily basis. DANZ sponsored the service for a period (thank you DANZ), but it has mostly operated without any funding, as a personal contribution towards wider communication for the NZ dance industry.

There has been considerable change in the NZ dance industry since 1998, and also in the ubiquity of technology and the understanding of its value for getting the word out to other people about what you are doing, what you find important, and other matters of concern. 

Most dance groups, studios, companies and independent artists now operate their own mailing lists and/or social media and/or websites to get the word out.

DANZ provides an events diary to which you can add your own listings, and there are other events listings services operating regionally.

The search engines make it easy to find dance resources and information from everywhere in the world, and there are services that let you signup for daily or weekly information matching your own selection of keywords.

As all of these changes make it easy for people to provide, find, and receive the information they want, and I have other projects I need to give my time to, so I am ceasing this service with this message.

Merry Christmas, happy summer holidays and best wishes for a dancing future. 


Photo below - dancer Rebecca Solomon (2006) by Derek Tearne